If you have a crush on me, anonymously tell me why.

Mc didn’t follow through with file sharing like he said yesterday night so if he brings it up tomorrow I’m just gonna say “it’s not the first time a man couldn’t give me what I wanted”




i am actually legit mad rn look at this piece of shit intro some fuckin guy got PAID TO DO THIS SHIT 


literally just hire the creaturegroup any of us with give you a better intro for free i swear to god

saying you/your friends could do better than someone else who gets paid to do this for a living……… .. is not pretentious… . . 

getting your panties in a twist over it is pretentious as fuck actually

being outraged that someone certified got paid to do their job and do a decent job at that is super rude and arrogant? and being like ‘well you should’ve just let me and my unqualified friends who use photoshop sometimes do it for free instead’ is shady af like no one is going to do that. ever.

plus you have no fucking clue what dan asked for??? he could have asked for that exactly. quit being like BUT IM BETTER!!!! because that is so arrogant and youre acting like a spoiled five year old

the day i came to the realization i no longer remember what my body looks like without tattoos is the day i became happy

39 days until i get to see my 2 fav actors who play the incestuous brothers on that one show and hug their muscly bods again

…..we just had a crane visit our pool

i get to go home and sleep in my bed tonight and i’m really excited because well, theres more food than just pizza rolls at home and also my biggest responsibility at home is my cat

Honestly only woke up this morning bc this nerd weaseled her way between me and the couch

Look at this sleepy nerd baby

ive been waiting forever for tina and ray to finally admit their lub for each other like thank u god bless

Cutie pie

im sorry all i get from nova 8=D is nova ate “D”ick 

dextermanning // jayzwys 

xo ;) 

teddybeardoctors replied to your post: ive snapchatted dex twice now and hes …

o but u only snapped me once okay whatever

im sorry hes a really cute british boy

What did you send Dex idk what 2 send
asked by Anonymous

the first one i sent him a snapchat of my hand holidng a can of rum (with my song of storms tattoo showing bc relevant interests) and captioned it “cheers m7” and the second one i sent him a selfie (in my “dont call me zelda” shirt) and captioned it “here have a #selfie”